IT Systems Monitoring

In order to provide the quickest possible response to a situation that may impact our customer’s systems, Praecelsus Consulting, Inc. offers 24/7/365 systems monitoring services. We identify your organization’s key Information Technology components and then test them every few minutes to make sure they’re within acceptable limits. In many cases, this proactive monitoring identifies potential problems before they can cause systems to go down. When problems occur, designated individuals are e-mailed and / or paged. While no two organization’s monitoring requirements are the same, some of the most common items monitored are:

Server Items

  • Up-Time and Accessibility
  • Disk Capacity and Utilization
  • CPU and Memory Utilization
  • RAID status
  • Process Existence and Availability
  • Fan Health and System Temperature
  • Application Health and Availability

Network Items

  • Asset responsiveness
  • Network delay
  • Connection utilization
  • Internet Service Provider status

Power Items

  • UPS Battery status
  • UPS Power availability
  • UPS Run-time

On average, we monitor 20 – 40 items per branch office, and several hundred items per data center.

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