IT Solution Development – Helping organizations achieve their goals

Business Goals

are accomplished through

Business Processes

are facilitated with

Software and Systems

are supported by

IT Infrastructure (Computers Servers, networks, etc)

“You can’t get what you want, ‘till you know what you want.” – Joe Jackson

The Information Technology world is enormous – always growing, changing. Finding the best mix of technology to help accomplish your business goals can be a daunting challenge – one that we at Praecelsus Consulting, Inc. specialize in. The first step in our Solutions Development Process is understanding the issues your organization faces: the problems it wants to solve and / or the results it wants to achieve, the resources available, and the constraints that must be worked within. From this relatively abstract starting point, we then work with you to create a concrete list of deliverables that define the successful completion of a project designed to help your organization succeed. Once we know where we need to end up, our team will evaluate the options available and find the best combination of:

  • Software
  • Processes and Procedures
  • Infrastructure


  • Services and Support

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